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Settling for a good Alliance leveling guide is not enough, You want THE BEST. Finding the best leveling guide for Alliance is tricky though. Mainly because there are quite a few guides out there who claim this position. So how can you tell which one is really best?

I too have asked myself that. But unlike other people who just tossed a coin and picked their own Alliance leveling guide, I did my research. I tested several of the most popular leveling guides for Alliance. I made characters with the ones that seemed the most promising and I managed to narrow down the list to three possible candidates. And here they are.


All of the Alliance leveling guides below have a 60 day money back guarantee. That means that you can pick either of them and try them out. If you don’t like one, simply ask for a refund to receive your money back.

Guide For Alliance Leveling

Zygor's Guide For Alliance Leveling

Zygor Guide

Our verdict:

  • Easy To Use And Install Guide
  • Very Fast And Optimized Quest Path
  • Works Perfectly, No Glitches Or Bugs
  • Fully Customizable Interface

Zygor Alliance Leveling Guide is the number one choice for me simply because it is everything a leveling guide should be. And make no mistake about it, the guide also covers the Horde faction.

The addon is very stable and it is really easy to install it. It doesn’t take up much space and it doesn’t use much resources, so you will not have any FPS problems in World of Warcraft. Zygor’s guide is very dynamic and very easy to follow. You have an in-game directional arrow that constantly points you in the direction you need to go. You can even set how many steps the guide should show you so that it will not take too much of your screen space. Included in this leveling guide, you will also get a Talent Advisor and a Loremaster Guide. You will also receive bonuses in the form of Profession guides, Guild Perks guide and so on.

With Zygor’s Guide, you will be able to level up any character in less than 5 days /played time, no matter how much you play each day. This is indeed, the best leveling guide you could ever find for Alliance.

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Guide For Alliance Leveling

Dugi's Guide For Alliance LevelingDugi Guide

Our Verdict:

  • Installation Of The Guide Is Pretty Easy
  • Fairly Good Optimized Quest Path
  • Works All Right, Minus A Few Glitches
  • Very Ergonomic Interface, But Difficult To Use

Dugi Alliance Leveling Guide is a pretty good guide. It doesn’t have the best quest path and functionality like Zygor’s, but it certainly makes up for it with the bonuses it offers.

After using Dugi’s guide, I noticed that the interface for it was really lite, but pretty difficult to use too. The quest path was pretty good, but there were some parts where a little more tweaking could have been done. What I did like about Dugi’s leveling guide was the bonuses it offers. Those are really nice to have, only you can’t really start using them until you reach the level cap. Which takes a little longer with this guide.

To make things short, using Dugi Alliance Guide for leveling is a valid option. I managed to reach the level cap in around 6 days with this one. Even though it costs a little less than Zygor’s guide, I would still rather go with Zygor because it is much better put together and faster than any other guide out there.

Guide For Alliance Leveling

Booster's Guide For Alliance LevelingBooster

Our Verdict:

  • Fairly Easy Installation
  • Good Optimized Quest Path
  • The Addon Likes To Freeze Sometimes
  • Complicated Interface That Wastes Your Time

Booster Alliance Leveling Guide is another guide worth taking into consideration. The actual leveling path is pretty fast. The only thing slowing you down is the interface.

After using Booster guide for Alliance leveling, I found myself pretty tired. If you want to see details on a quest, you have to open up a really large window that stops you from doing anything else in the time it takes to view it. The guide has some very nice bonuses, like the talent build advisor. Which can be pretty handy to someone who doesn’t know how to play World of Warcraft at all. But other than that, it has no further use.

The price tag for Booster seems pretty high considering that it is pretty difficult to use. If you like how this guide looks, then feel free to try it out. My leveling time with this guide exceeded 7 days of /played time. So I wasn’t very pleased with it. My recommendation, however, is to stay away from it. The leveling path is great, but the rest of the guide slows you down.

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Want to see the efficiency of Zygor’s guide?

I have made a leveling run using this guide just to see how effective it really is. You can find my progress and leveling times in my Alliance leveling Journal. You can access my journal from the main menu of this Alliance leveling guide review website.

Mists of Pandaria - PandarenI’m pretty sure that every player will start working on a Monk, as soon as they install Mists of Pandaria on their World of Warcraft accounts. It shouldn’t be too difficult to level up a Monk, since up to now, they are pretty much overpowered. However, if you want to get to level 90 quickly, there are a few tricks.

1. First of all, the Brewmaster spec is the best to go with. This is the tank specialization of Monk, and in general, for any class that can be a tank, it’s best to level up with that spec. You resist better and you can easily complete even elite quests solo. If you join instances as a tank, you’ll be assigned to a group more quickly. Also, if you’re going to level up by questing, you won’t have to worry about it’s DPS, because even as a tank, a Monk can kill mobs pretty much quickly.

2. To simplify your gameplay, here are the talents that you should go with as a Brewmaster, as you level up

Level 15 – Tiger’s Lust. This is a great PvP talent that you’ll be happy to have for the times when you join a bg. It acts as the well-known WoW pvp trinket.

Level 30 – Chi Burst. A great AoE damage and healing effect, excellent to have for tanking or for killing quest mobs with AoE.

Level 45 – Ascension. This is a passive ability that grants you an additional Chi point. This way, you’ll gain some flexibility with your Chi-based abilities.

Level 60 – Leg Sweep. 5 seconds AoE stun. Enough said!

Level 75 – Diffuse Magic. This ability is just awesome! It reduces magical damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds, and removes all negative effects from you, returning them to the caster.

Level 90 – Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger. This ability is too cool not to have. Plus, it’s great for damaging and threat control in instances, if you’re a tank.

3. Lastly, don’t forget to join a high level guild if possible, to benefit from all the XP perks. Also, get at least Herbalism for as your primary profession. You’ll get tons of XP by gathering herbs, and this ability is really easy to level up as you level up your character.

Mists of Pandaria Companions Battle System

So, World of Warcraft has now its own “pokemon battle” system! Although I have never watched the pokemon cartoons nor played any of the games, I have to say, I’m looking forward to this new side of the WoW. That’s because I do have quite a collection of pets.

However, almost everything about WoW companions has changed beginning with the Mists of Pandaria. In this post I’m going to put into view some of the changes, along with the new features the companion battle system is going to bring about.

How To Get Companions

There are quite a few ways to get companions in WoW. Until now, some of them were used to drop from certain mobs that you killed. Others could be found in packages, fished from fish schools, others were available as rewards from quests. Many of the cool ones were BoP so we all had to farm them for ourselves.

In Mists of Pandaria, companions can be obtained in the following ways:

  • From quests.
  • From various merchants in the game (with or without a reputation standing restriction).
  • From mobs (just as before).
  • Via fishing (the Sea Pony, for example, can be fished in the waters around Darkmoon Faire).
  • From the Auction House (most old pets are tradeable now).
  • Some of the pets can be crafted (you can also buy those from AH).
  • By capturing them yourself.

The last way to get companions is brand new. You can now capture some of the “capturable” companions, through battle. To do this, you need to have at least one companion at level 3. You need to engage the pet you want to capture in battle, and take it under 35%. Then just push the capture button and it’s yours.

Anyway, if you open your companions tab, you can click the icon of any pet (that you have or not have yet) and by clicking on its source, you can find information on how to obtain it.

How To Level Up Companions

Companions level up through battle with other players’ pets, through specific quests, and by fighting random critters that you will find throughout your journey in the game. Pets are divided in classes, each of them having specific racial passive abilities, and gaining specific combat abilities.

How The Battle System Works

It’s a turn-base combat system. You can fight versus other players, or versus wild critters that you can find around the world. They appear on your radar as small green claws.

To battle other players, you get to fight with 3 pets at the time, changing between them if required. Some of the pets’ area abilities persist in the combat “field” for the whole battle or affect your or your opponent’s pets, even if they don’t have selected. The winner is the first who defeat all 3 enemy pets.

Alliance Leveling Zones 1-85

Are you looking for a complete Alliance leveling path? Although it would probably take me months to write here an elaborate one, including all the quests that you should do, here are though the Alliance leveling zones 1-85 that you should visit and quest there, to make sure you’ll have a better advancement.

However, before I list here all the Alliance leveling zones 1-85, you should know that if you’re going to level up an Alliance character it’s best to start out on the Eastern Kingdoms, preferably in Elwynn Forest. It’s an accessible Alliance leveling zone, Stormwind City is close and you can fly there now anytime you want.

Anyway, here is the Alliance leveling path that I follow at the moment, and this path is quite a consistent one, the leveling path from Zygor’s Alliance leveling guide:

01. Elwynn Forest 1-10
02. Westfall 10-15
03. Redridge 15-21
04. Duskwood 21-26
05. Northern STV 26-32
06. Cape of STV 32-36
07. Western Plaguelands 36-40
08. Eastern Plaguelands 40-45
09. Badlands 45-47
10. Searing Gorge 47-50
11. Burning Steppes 50-52
12. Swamp of Sorrows 52-55
13. Winterspring 55-58
14. Blasted Lands 58-60
15. Hellfire Peninsula 60-62
16. Zangarmarsh 62-64
17. Terokkar Forest 64-65
18. Nagrand 65-67
19. Blade’s Edge Mts. 67-68
20. Netherstorm 68-70
21. Borean Tundra 70-72
22. Dragonblight 72-74
23. Grizzly Hills 74-75
24. Zul’Drak 75-77
25. Sholazar Basin 77-78
26. Icecrown 78-80
27. Mt. Hyjal 80-82
28. Deepholm 82-83
29. Uldum 83-84
30. Twilight Highlands 84-85

Now, since I use Heirloom most of the times, I don’t get to finish with these zones all the time, or I get more XP from various zones for the same amount of quests. So, sometimes I change the course a bit. For example, in Hellfire Peninsula I remain until level 83, then I move to Zangarmarsh until I reach 65, and then I go directly to Nagrand, skipping Terokkar.

These are the Alliance leveling zones 1-85 that I usually pass through when raising a new toon. I hope this post helps.

Alliance Leveling Zones Cataclysm

Cataclysm has brought World of Warcraft five new zones: Mount Hyjal, Vashj’ir, Deepholm, Uldum and Twilight Highlands. All of them are contested territories, so we can’t speak of them as Alliance leveling zones. Cataclysm has also brought a supremacy change in some of the zones. For example, Hillsbrad Foothills which had some Alliance camps, like Soutshore, is now completely Horde controlled.

On the other hand, some of the territories that had full Horde domination, now contain one, two or several Alliance camps. Here are a few of those zones, zones that you might want to consider including in your leveling path: Southern Barrens, Feralas – although it had an Alliance camp before, now there are 4, and this area is much viable for leveling an Alliance character, Badlands – which now has two Alliance camps and a neutral one, and of course others.

In any case, to benefit from a solid leveling path, that will fit perfectly to your character, it’s best to use an Alliance leveling guide. This way you will know about all the Alliance leveling zones Cataclysm has changed, or the Horde leveling zones that now also have Alliance camps and are OK to choose as leveling destinations for an Alliance character.

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