This is Aldgar’s Alliance leveling journal. The leveling guide I chose to use is Zygor Guides. I will be playing on the Outland server as a Human Paladin. I haven’t played WoW for more than 20 levels, and this was right after launch. I decided to play it now since there aren’t any good MMOs around. So I will start a new character with no help what so ever, just using Zygor leveling guide. I have been hearing good things about it, and I want to test it and see how fast I can level up as a newbie in the game.

Note: I am not a stranger to MMOs in general. I have played a lot of them for some years, just not World of Warcraft.

I will be trying to post my progress daily, depending on how much I’ve played and if there is something worth mentioning. I will include screen shots of my /played time and possibly some videos. I will start with saying a few words about installing.

Right after purchase, I simply logged on the website and used the details I got in my e-mail. Once I did that, I got to a screen where I could download the actual guide. On that screen, there were a lot of bonuses also. The most important one, for me at least, was the Help desk.

When I clicked on that, I found videos and instructions about everything in the guide. The installation was very easy. Right as I clicked on the “All in one installation” link, I had two choices, to use the Zygor Client or manual installation. I chose the client as I am not much of a tech guy. It’s very easy with the client as well. I clicked on it, made sure that the client detected the addon folder and the launcher accurately, used my login details and continued. I then started installing the client and the guide. It didn’t take long at all.

That’s about it for the introduction. Here I go with my Alliance leveling journal!

As I started playing, I was confused a bit at first, with Zygor Guide and all, but I got used to it really fast. The interface of the guide is really nice and doesn’t take too much of my screen. I am using a 20 inch widescreen monitor. There are a lot of options to personalize the guide interface. I didn’t get into them much, I just used a setting so that the guide will show me two steps at once.

Oh and, the directional arrow is simply awesome. You can see it in the screenshot below.

Alliance Leveling Guide Journal Start

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I died only two times on my first day so I suppose that isn’t half bad.
I was expecting to do a lot less levels but it seems that the leveling guide doesn’t really “allow” you to do that. As you can see in the screenshot, I managed to ding level 10 in just a little over 2 hours of /played time (The actual time I spent in game).


Alliance Leveling Journal Day 1

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I have to admit, I am pretty excited to advance in the game. I have never used an in-game Alliance leveling guide in a MMO and I love the idea of it. Having the guide in-game, like Zygor guide, makes it so much more effective. Can’t wait for the next run in my Alliance leveling journal, see you around.


>>> Alliance Leveling Journal – Day 2

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