Nowadays there are many ways to level up an Alliance character in World of Warcraft. Each player comes with the Alliance leveling strategy that suits them best. However, there are four main ways to level up in WoW as Alliance or Horde, and in this post I’m going to speak about each one of them a bit.

1. Grindig. This means you should go to a camp with mobs corresponding to your level range and kill them for XP. However, this may be the worst way to level up at the moment. Even if you have Heirlooms and rested XP, you still won’t be able to maintain a high XP rate this way.

2. Instance leveling. Completing instances via the Dungeon Finder can be fun and rewarding in items and XP. But if you don’t have at least one reliable buddy in your group to rely on, the advancement of your group throughout an instance may be slow, which also means slow XP. How’s that for an Alliance leveling strategy?

3. Battlegrounds leveling. This is also a very fun way to level, and if you get assigned to strong teams that are able to finish a BG quickly, you will get nice XP and also Honor Points which you can exchange for equipment.

4. Questing. This is the best and fastest Alliance leveling strategy at the moment. But to maintain a high XP rating while questing, you must know exactly what to do, or where to go for each quest. Otherwise you may end up wasting a lot of time. Questing can be maximized with an Alliance lvl guide. And the best in-game one I can recommend is Zygor Alliance leveling guide.

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