Maybe the best of the Alliance leveling tips that one can give you is to use a WoW leveling guide. Questing is the fastest way to level up in World of Warcraft, no matter if you are Alliance or Horde, but you can level up even faster if you follow an optimized leveling path of a guide.

Anyway, in this post I’m going to give you a few other Alliance leveling tips that will help you enhance your leveling speed.

1. Bind in Stormwind City. Especially if you have already passed to the Cataclysm zones, it’s best to have you character bound in Stormwind. Or at least have the first cloak available for teleportation to Stormwind City. There are plenty of portals in Stormwind, and you’re probably going to use the ones that take you to the Cataclysm zones a lot.

2. If you sign up for a dungeon, in the dungeon finder, make sure you pick up all the quests given by the NPC’s at the entrance of that particular dungeon. Since those are elite quests, you will get tons of XP.

3. Get a tank or healer spec, if possible. Tank or healer, you will be able to find a dungeon group more quickly.

4. Save all the money from quests, for the flying skills. Not many players do that and some even reach level 85 without having even the 280% flying speed skill.

Last but not least, I want to add here that the highest amount of Alliance leveling tips, for almost each quest, can be found in a leveling guide. Especially if the guide is in-game, you will get tons of tips as you level up, for almost every quest objective.

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