Which Alliance Leveling Up Guide You Should Not Buy

So far, many Alliance leveling guides have been written, some are quite good, some are bad, some are free and some guides cost a couple of bucks. It’s important for you to know that not every guide for WoW is consistent and it’s worth the money. So, which Alliance leveling up guide shouldn’t you pay for?

Well, first of all, an Alliance leveling up guide that is not in-game, or at least that doesn’t have an in-game version, is not exactly what I would pay for. Using alt+tab all the time to check a PDF or read an online guide, takes time and it’s really annoying. And I really don’t like playing World of Warcraft in windowed mode.

Also, an Alliance level up guide that doesn’t have a rigorously made and complete leveling path, automatic quest tracking and a slick interface, that doesn’t cover too much from my screen, is something that I wouldn’t pay for.

In fact, the only WoW leveling guides that I would pay for at the moment, are the ones reviewed here, on the main page of this website.

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