Are you looking for a complete Alliance leveling path? Although it would probably take me months to write here an elaborate one, including all the quests that you should do, here are though the Alliance leveling zones 1-85 that you should visit and quest there, to make sure you’ll have a better advancement.

However, before I list here all the Alliance leveling zones 1-85, you should know that if you’re going to level up an Alliance character it’s best to start out on the Eastern Kingdoms, preferably in Elwynn Forest. It’s an accessible Alliance leveling zone, Stormwind City is close and you can fly there now anytime you want.

Anyway, here is the Alliance leveling path that I follow at the moment, and this path is quite a consistent one, the leveling path from Zygor’s Alliance leveling guide:

01. Elwynn Forest 1-10
02. Westfall 10-15
03. Redridge 15-21
04. Duskwood 21-26
05. Northern STV 26-32
06. Cape of STV 32-36
07. Western Plaguelands 36-40
08. Eastern Plaguelands 40-45
09. Badlands 45-47
10. Searing Gorge 47-50
11. Burning Steppes 50-52
12. Swamp of Sorrows 52-55
13. Winterspring 55-58
14. Blasted Lands 58-60
15. Hellfire Peninsula 60-62
16. Zangarmarsh 62-64
17. Terokkar Forest 64-65
18. Nagrand 65-67
19. Blade’s Edge Mts. 67-68
20. Netherstorm 68-70
21. Borean Tundra 70-72
22. Dragonblight 72-74
23. Grizzly Hills 74-75
24. Zul’Drak 75-77
25. Sholazar Basin 77-78
26. Icecrown 78-80
27. Mt. Hyjal 80-82
28. Deepholm 82-83
29. Uldum 83-84
30. Twilight Highlands 84-85

Now, since I use Heirloom most of the times, I don’t get to finish with these zones all the time, or I get more XP from various zones for the same amount of quests. So, sometimes I change the course a bit. For example, in Hellfire Peninsula I remain until level 83, then I move to Zangarmarsh until I reach 65, and then I go directly to Nagrand, skipping Terokkar.

These are the Alliance leveling zones 1-85 that I usually pass through when raising a new toon. I hope this post helps.

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